4. Bought new end links at autozone, installed on the passenger side where I have the new shock and the original end link was stripped out. Should have used the sawzall sooner. One corner done, three to go. At least I can drive it now.

3. The struts are stamped FOMOCO, go figure.

Got it all back together. The end link is not tight but it won’t fall off, the allen bolt rounded out tightening it back down, maybe 2 turns from full tight.

Ordering new end links now. I’m not going to do the driver side today. Going to wait for my anger to settle down.

2. Fuckity fuck those end links. And the shock won’t go down the last 1.5 mm into the hub.

1. I got the passenger side back on, just had to point the steering straight forward. I am tempted to do the drivers side now.


Original: The YouTube video made it look much easier. Having a hell of a time getting the shock back on.