I stumbled upon this car when searching for pictures of a 944 Turbo with Kinesis Supercup wheels. This particular car just so happens to have basically every appearance upgrade I’d put on a 944 Turbo. It belongs to user SamGrant951 on Rennlist. I don’t know him, but his car is awesome. So here are some pretty pictures!

Aside from the aforementioned beautiful Kinesis Supercup wheels, this car has:

GT Racing front splitter
968 side mirrors
968 door handles
968 rear spoiler  
GT Racing slim rear bumper
Clear front turn signals
Red rear turn signals


It’s also got a bunch of spiffed up interior bits including carbon fiber trim, a 930 steering wheel, and some other goodies.


Sadly, the car no longer has the Kinesis Supercup wheels on it, but their replacements are pretty alright too. It’s also apparently gained a 944 Turbo S-style front fender turbo decal.

Lord I love this car so much.