I'm tooting my own horn here; it's mine. But, I've got plenty of experience in this field, so I should be able to write a decent ad.

Surprisingly, this one was rather difficult to write. The thing with the S2000 is, there's no real options. You get a choice of colour, and that's pretty much it. So, how do you write an enticing ad to set yours apart from all the others? Mention Jalopnik.

You do your homework really. And by do your homework, I mean go to Wikipedia. After copying the spec sheet, make sure to detail the service history. INCLUDE THE VIN IN THE AD, and take really good pictures, and do use all 24 picture spaces Craigslist offers.

I took my pictures with an iPotato 4S and it turned out alright.

There's no point to this article. I'm just proud of my ad. I guess you also have access to my phone number now if you look at the ad. No dick pics please.