I went ahead and listed my Barracuda for sale in a few places, one of which was an a-body forum. It’s been up for a few hours, and I don’t have much interest in buying it whole. But I do have a lot of people interesting in buying small, shippable parts.

That is not, of course, what I want to do. But really, is it the worst thing if I pull the parts people want right away, and then stuff the car out behind my house when more orders trickle in before sending it to the scrapper sometime before winter? Its the long road, but it’s probably the one where I make back the most money.

I think at this point the only parts I’m keeping are the transmission and shifter. I’m fine with that, if I don’t find something to put the A833 in, it’s probably the single easiest part of the car to sell.

We’ll see how it goes. I'm going to give it a few days, and if nobody wants to buy it, I'll start parting it out. Good times.