This is Jack's complete frustration.

I was hoping to be back to doing what I do last week. Unfortunately the surgeries I had on my ECU tendon/sheaths didn't result in functioning wrists. Went to the doc for my "last" post-op last Thursday and he confirmed my fears. The left side is still a mess, I'll need at least one more operation on it. Or more "slicey slicey fixxie fixxie" as my wife so eloquently puts it. The right side seems to be healing ok, although slowly. How the right side progresses will determine the course of action on the left.


So...another 4 to 7 months of Netflix, Norco, and Jalopnik.

If there's any interest in it I may try to compile a bunch of Q & As about welding and fabrication. I've done a couple just from questions I get all the time, but if you've got anything beyond that feel free to ask. No promises, but it's probably going to be more writing or finally succumbing to insanity. Or both.

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