I, like everybody else, just wanted to download Forza because it looks amazing. Because most driving games as of late have been disappointing and just too small. There hasn’t been enough variety in vehicles. And if there was, it wasn’t free roam, which is a feature I like immensely. In short, nothing has been Test Drive Unlimited 1 with both DLC car packs which still runs like clockwork on my 8 year old, Core Two Duo 2.1, NVIDIA 9800GT powered tower. I have wanted to play Forza since I found out that Forza 4 had the 1962 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3. But I am a PlayStation faithful with a Sony-superiority complex, so I refused to buy an Xbox. Well with Horizon it would seem I could finally have my cake and eat it too.

Well no, I guess not after all.

Years ago I was getting ready to go to college. I knew I needed a laptop and my aforementioned gaming tower, which I built myself, was already getting long in the tooth. So I decided to kill two birds with one stone, and buy a gaming laptop that would not go obsolete for a very long time. So, my current rig is a Toshiba Qosmio X870. Intel i7 quad core @ 2.4 gHz, twin 500GB HDDs, NVIDIA GTX 670M graphics, Harmon Kardon speakers, everything you could possibly want. And with those specs, it doesn’t meet recommended, but it’s sure as hell is above minimum.

Well, I bought the Ultimate Edition of Forza horizon a day late, and when it didn’t download, I assumed I had to wait for today like everybody else. Then somebody told me I needed to update windows to the new Anniversary edition first, which took me all day because it kept hanging up preparing for the installation until I sat down, watched it like a hawk, and was finally present when it prompted me to authorize the update despite the fact that codecs on some of my music wouldn’t be compatible with the new version of Windows 10. Whatever. I can change codecs later and I put everything on my Zune to play anyway. So I finally got the damn computer to update Windows, the school’s wired internet ripped through that 50GB download like butter in just over 14 minutes, it installed and...

Your PC does not meet minimum requirements in the following areas:

Graphics card does not support dx12 (Code:FH501)

Which is quite fascinating because NVIDIA’s website says that the GTX 670M is DirectX 12 compatible.


This is why I think of Microsoft as a necessary evil, better the devil you know kind of thing, and why I prefer console gaming by leaps and bounds to PC. Because PC doesn’t work. Ever. Steam was the first time I ever had games on my computer work reliably. But you have to go through Microsoft to get Forza and I should have known it wouldn’t work, and now I’m out $105.


End Rant.