This is keeping me sane right now. (Update)

Internet and network have been down at work for the last 24 hours and will probably be down for at least another 4 hours (if Bell follows through on their promise, which I’m not sure I can count on). I’ve run out of things I can do without the network.

Thankfully I have a bluetooth dongle so I can do something other than stare at my desk all day... I’ve been running off phone data since 10am yesterday. Gives me email and Oppo at least.


Who’d have though being FORCED to procrastinate and take it easy would suck though?


We got the new modem that we were told we needed. At 3:45, aka 2 hours after they said “we would have it by the latest”. Shit’s still broke, yo. We’ve been essentially neutered for 30 hours now. May be fixed sometime tonight, we found a tech willing to come in late... otherwise who knows.


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