What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

So, this is the Estrima Birò, an electric L6e light quadricycle - four wheels, 45 km/h (about 28 mph) top speed, can be operated on a moped license. In the US, the equivalent class would be the FMVSS 500 low-speed vehicle, with a 25 mph top speed (well, there’s ways to cheat it - the top speed test for FMVSS 500 is to put 170 lbs of occupant in it, go on a mile long flat road, and make sure it doesn’t exceed 25 mph after one mile of acceleration, but cheating that test will likely be frowned on).


What’s neat about it, though, is that the battery is just stored in an area between the rear wheels, and can be pulled out, and wheeled or carried to somewhere to charge it. Range is claimed at 55 km on that removable battery, although they don’t state the battery’s weight.

It’s worth noting that some scooters also have battery swapping, with the batteries stored under the seat, although these are usually Chinese. And, the Zero FX and FXS have battery swapping as well:

While I don’t think battery swapping to extend the range of full-sized road cars is practical due to the size of their packs (and both Better Place and Tesla’s battery swap experiments were failures), as well as the differences between cars, I do think that for smaller, lighter vehicles used in more urban environments, battery swapping can be useful for an entirely different reason. Rather than extending the range, it allows carrying the battery into one’s apartment for recharging, solving the apartment gap for EV adoption in some cases.

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