So it's gonna be my bday soon, but my daughters bday is 5 days before mine. My parents and grandparents put together a massive box full of clothes and toys for her, and this is what I got. Now, I don't mind the sole gift, but this was the only thing 'wrapped' in the box. Everything else was loose. -_-

I'll admit in hindsight, this is quite humorous. Especially because I hate waiting to open up presents, and I'm pretty sure they know this. To this day I go underneath the Xmas tree to try and guess my presents. Oh yeah, I've already figured out its a cd, I just don't know what though.

So my plan is this, wait til 12am, March 17th to open it; yes, midnight. And I'm gonna record a video and send it to them via FB.As the oldest child and grandchild, and the only one that is a parent, it's my duty to pull these kinds of stunts regularly. If I didn't, who'd pick up the slack?