When we first moved into our house, I had to sell my wife on the idea of a home office area. It’s not a dedicated room, but rather along the back wall in our basement/main tv watching room. But once she agreed to it she realized it was another thing for her to decorate (and for me to assemble, ugh).

The result is a mix of my wife’s sense of decor and my nerdiness. I’m fine that the nerdiness takes a back seat. And my wife likes that we have our handy Brother laser printer/scanner with document feeder that she’s been using to scan old photos for a video memory montage for her mom’s upcoming surprise birthday party that of course I am being wrangled into turning into a proper slideshow. I take that back, I was wrangled a long time ago.


I’d like to get a monitor at some point to plug my computer in to, but for now, this is nice. I have a GOT. DAMN. KEYBOARD. TRAY. and a stupid light-up keyboard, and a trackball.

I honestly don’t know if the plant on the buddha thing or whatever that is that my wife put there is real, but it adds to the vibe, and looking out the window at my back patio and trees beats a shitty office view.


Yes that is a bird silhouette sticker on the window. I told you my wife likes to decorate.

If you’re wondering why I’m getting to work from home, well, there’s stuff happening in the Land of Jobbiness for me but that is a work in progress so for now I’m going to be all mysterious about that part.

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