I’m a ‘Cats fan. And I need this opportunity to vent.

This is the offensive stats for Northwestern University Wildcats. I grew up just outside of Evanston, Illinois (where they’re located). My dad went there ages ago. My former high school teammate is their strength coach. My former high school QB played there. Pat Fitzgerald is one of my favorite people beyond one of my favorite coaches. A lot of connections to this school. Which is why I can’t give them up.


Historically, they always start slow. They’ve gone 1-3 or worse every year since 2016. Each year, they have fought back to a winning record. Not to mention they won their division last year and played in the B1G Ten Championship game last year. This year, though. Something is off. They took in a high caliber transfer from Clemson. This guy was behind Trevor Lawrence and Kelly Bryant. He was the highest recruit out of high school. Higher than Georgia’s current QB. He is not even starting this year. With the exception of one game this year (UNLV), this team cannot move the ball. They average 15 points per game. That is absurd.

I hope they are just being their regular self, and turn it around like they do every year. Otherwise this is going to be a long year. Lets. Go. Cats.

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