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This is my Miata ... there are not many Miatas like it but this one is Mine (turbo)

At some point in motordome, you’re going to have to get a Miata. I felt I had skipped this phase in my life having graduated to M3's, Z06's and others. But after starting a startup (sounds redundant I know), I found myself a little more cash strapped then lends itself to burning up 295/18's on a regular basis.

Thus, the quest of getting something “fun” and “cheap” began. Having owned an Alfa Romeo before (as any true petrol head must says Jezza), I wanted to make another tour through classic auto suggestions for less than $5k. Here were some rough criteria:

- Trackable

- Parts cheap

- Fun to drive

- Non-douchey

- Reliable-ish

Having narrowed my list to a B5 Audi S4 (which didn’t meet any criteria above), and an NA or NB Miata. I ended up with a turbo-franken-miata.


You see ... miata’s are fantastic to drive slowly. But I wanted to go quickly, and so I bought a 1991 NA Miata with a TD04-15G Turbo on it for a little over $3k.

And.... its Flippin’ Fantastic! Seriously one of the greatest second cars I’ve ever owned. Why second car?

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- It won’t idle well

- Its got race springs on it, meaning it crashes over every expansion

- Its on R888R’s which don’t like Rain

- Its Noisy

- It rattles and flexes

- Its got Race Pads and brakes squeal like hell

But for $3k, I have an E46 M3ish quick car (209 whp in 2100 lbs), that handles great and that I can drive with complete reckless abandon. And that makes any local track a great second home.


What could be better?

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