The beltline and cowl go up to other cars’ wheelarches and the roof is about as low as their beltline. The VTEC engine sings and is so happy to rev all the way past the redline up to 8k RPM. The ride and seating position is so comfy and plush that I can cruise for hours and want to cruise some more. The steering is analog weighted and hydraulic, the gas pedal is connected to an immediate cable, the brakes are firm and so easy to control just how much stopping power I want, the it’s an aftermarket short shifter from the PO that was installed maybe a bit loose. It is short shifting and nice but still cable actuated and not a direct mechanical link so not as good as I want it to be.

The best part is the incredible handling. It is just that good. I’m getting my Miata installed right now as I type with the stg 2.5 FM koni yellow kit and Dunlop Star Spec tires on an aggressive street alignment. Why? Because of this car. The stock Miata handling could not hold a candle to this thing. It is that good.

Other cars handle a completely different way, fwd or rwd will grip through corners with a slip angle and you can feel the tires fighting the lateral friction. This thing seems to corner not through lateral friction, but just by steering the car the direction I look towards, it just powers the two tires the exact speed difference it needs to be and I’m suddenly going around suggested 35 mph sweepers at 80 and nothing about the car says it is fighting for grip, and I’m sitting there like wow. It has this weird feeling of going around a corner where I just don’t feel any of the usual fight for grip. On my Veloster and Miata at 9/10ths, I would get good feedback from the front or rear tires about how much I could balance giving it gas or letting off a bit to use its full traction for the lateral load. This Prelude just doesn’t care where you point the wheels, it just makes up for it by inducing yaw. Incredible. The last of the old school Hondas.