I am not kidding that when I go mountain biking at night, especially alone (such as tonight) I have visions of mountain lions attacking me. I think about what I would even do if I saw one, and whether I could ride faster downhill than one could run (no, no I could not) and then I keep pedaling and hope for the - wait! what was that rustling in the woods over there?!

One night I looked up the trail and saw a pair of eyes reflecting back at me. My heart just about stopped and I stopped; then I slowly got myself together, moved a little, and realized it was just a raccoon.

Another time, I came around a corner, again it’s totally dark except for my headlamp, and BAM, two eyes at MY EYE LEVEL RIGHT THERE - but I quickly saw that it was a deer. Still, it was 15 feet away!

So yeah, I was extra nervous tonight, as I rode up the mountain near my house. Every squirrel I heard rustling in the leaves was my imminent demise coming at me. Just make it quick, ok?

Yikes. I feel so bad for these guys, and their families, of course in particular the guy who was killed. At least it doesn’t sound like they were stupid about it, and one made it out, despite literally having his head in the cat’s mouth. Holy hell.


Sweet dreams, everyone!