That lovely chunk of 80s J-Tin is a 1985 Toyota Corona GT-R. And as great as the AE86 is, the Carina is much, much better. But how, you might be asking? Well, it's got the same 4AG-E engine, the same RWD layout, and it weighs about the same, but there is one big difference:

Boom. The independent rear suspension out of the Celica Supra. If there's one thing that could improve the AE86, it's ditching the solid axle.

Also, I have yet to come across one, but they were also available with the 3SG-E.

Now, for the bad news. This isn't one of those wonderful clean examples I usually post. This one is very much "Japanese used car" It's been modified. And not well. It looks great from the outside, but let's take a look at the interior:


Look at how expertly they mounted the gauge pod! And look at how spotless and clean the steering wheel is!

Wow! It looks like they went with the rare "raisin" fabric on that aftermarket seat!


It's rare that looking at pictures can make you smell things. Seeing this interior fills my nose with Camel Reds and fart.

If you feel like sitting in filth, this piece of rad can be yours for 13 grand.…

The grodiness is a small price to pay for being able to make every Initial D fanboy you come across cry tears of inadequacy.