“Hey, check out that Cadillac!” or “Let’s take a picture in front of the Cadillac!”
I hear that everytime I go anywhere with it

No I understand not everybody is a car person, and I let slip the occasional 1959 Impala confusion, but it is says CHEVROLET in capital letters on the hood of the car!


I drive a regular down to earth Chevy. It’s not even the top of the line Impala. I don’t want to be associated with M. Fancypants driving his ostentatious Series 62. I’m a simple man with humble needs.

#NotACaddy #NotAllLandyachts #WorkingClassHero

[edit] Also: the Pajero is no Jeep, the 505 is no 504, and the 6 cylinder Bel Air is no V6.

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