A United Airlines passenger noticed that a block of seats was open on his plane while all the rest of the seats were full. He asked if he could move to one of the vacant seats and his request was denied. So he took to Twitter, in a Tweet that has since been deleted.


United replied in typical airline fashion, basically saying that you can’t have that seat because you didn’t pay the markup for it.

Of course, Kunal wasn’t satisfied with this answer, because nobody was going to come and sit in those seats. The doors were shut, and loading had stopped.


So United came back with this witty analogy. The only problem is that an analogy actually has to be analogous for it to work.


Maybe we just stop having all these ridiculous ways to scrape a few more bucks out of traveler’s pockets by having different tiers of payment for the same seats. I’m flying to NYC in December, and Delta wants to charge me an extra $70 so I can choose my seat ahead of time. Really, Delta?

via SimpleFlying.com

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