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CAUTION: pointless rambling to follow...

Oh boy, what a day, and there’s no end in sight. I’ve got a flight at 0540 and I’m not even packed. Two hours of sleep, a full busy day at work that started at 0400 and very little food has me feeling seriously out of it - loopy, nauseated, weak, dizzy, etc. If I was drunk I could understand, but I haven’t had a drop.


Too much time was spent trying to fix my noise canceling headphones. I went looking for the replacement cable I bought but could only find the original Bose part, and my attempts at repairing it just made it worse. I then tore up the house searching for the cable and the case, not finding either. Every time I stood up there was a bit of dizziness and weakness. Not good.

Then there were the checks. After hours and hours of searching I finally found the rent check. More time wasted. I’ve got others that need to be mailed out for things like that stupid ER visit I didn’t want to do, back taxes and other stuff. Getting out of the house will probably let me focus on finally getting all of those in the mail, if I remember to take them.


I’ve rounded up a bunch of camera equipment, but of course I can’t find the circular polarizer for the life of me. I can’t find a lot of things, to be honest. My place is turning into hoarder central, but I just don’t have energy to do the purge. At least I’m not buying more crap (except for another Bose headphone cable or two).

My BP is under control, but with this experimentation with different combinations of meds the insurance company won’t authorize the 90-day supply my doctor has ordered until I use up what I have. They authorized one of the two drugs, but it’s the one that was ineffectual on its own. Gee, thanks. I hope I don’t run out whilst 1800 miles from home.


I really hope the office has someone to cover my shifts for the next two days. I haven’t called off yet, but that’s just a formality at this point. I had someone lined up to cover me and bought my tickets only to have the rules change immediately after dropping several hundred on non-refundable tickets. This better not come back to bite me during review time next month.

OK, feeling a little better after being horizontal for a while. Time to head downstairs and get this done. I think I even found a solution to my headphone issue: I'll just wear the QCs over my basic Apple EarPods, so at least I'll have the peace and quiet. The end is in sight, and I can do this. Then back for a couple more hours of sleep...

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