Hi Dr. Chariotoflove,

I hope my email finds you well during this time. This is Alice from RWD life science, I explored the web and learned that your research is also involved animal work, I guess you might be interested in some our products in the future since we provide instruments related research using animal model, free trial is welcome. If you have any questions please just feel free to contact us. Or reach out to us at 858-900-5879.

We provide products including Automated Paraffin Microtome, stereotaxic apparatus ($2150), anesthesia system( $1666), spinal cord/Brian impactor, Laser Speckle Perfusion Imager, Ventilator ($2150), auto-microinjection pump, optogenetics system( optic fiber cannula $5/pc), fiber photometry , MCAO suture( $250/50pcs/box), heating pad and so on. Most of our products can be provided free trial. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in any of them.


I got this in my inbox, one of too many solicitations that get past the university mail filters. Most of these things are legitimate businesses that do sell the products they advertise. But you will not earn my business if you are too lazy to use my language properly.

I work with companies run by or represented by Chinese and people of other Asian nationalities. Their English is flawless, so it’s not an insurmountable obstacle. If I were selling in another country, I would feel an obligation to use the appropriate language just as well. It comes down to professionalism. If you cut corners on your presentation, then how am I to know you didn’t cut them in other areas of service?


Green RWD car for your time.

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