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I’m not asking you to buy my car, I’m asking just asking someone to buy my car... however...


(Reposted for those who weren’t awake at 4AM)

If you happen to have a few thousand dollars sitting around and a place to put it, by all means bid away!


Regardless, what I am asking you to do is click on the link and look at the great job the guys at Bring a Trailer did at presenting my automobile.

You can also feel free to click the links to my adventures with the Merkur and reminisce before she’s no longer under my care.


My good friend and soon-to-be roommate who is majoring in Telecommunications would like you to watch the video he filmed and edited for the car which you can find here:

Here’s the link to the listing; there will be one more Jalopnik-y piece that will come out after the car is gone.


Thank you for the support over the years, you guys are a large reason why I’m going to school for journalism.


You haven’t heard the last of me.


There are two days left in the auction and the car is still at triple digits. I don’t like talking about money, but that simply is not enough to buy the car.


There is a reserve, however I really need the car sold by the time I move away in less than a month.

This, then is me asking you to buy my car.

Please buy my spectacular automobile.

Please bid on it.

I went on the Untitled Car Show to talk about it and everything. It’s a great buy, now please, let’s get my car to quadruple digits.


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