Hiked a new trail, watched Russell Wilson earn his paycheck (again), enjoyed the rams getting trounced, and now I’m home cooking up a nice ribeye.

Peak Sunday.


The hike was... Not as special as last week’s. Still good though! 8.5 mile round trip, a bit warmer than I’d like for the season at a steady 45° F, and what it lacked in breathtaking views at the top it made up for in scenery through the middle.

We brought a dog who—despite the pictures—seems to enjoy these hikes. No, really.


Currently 2 for 2 on weekend hikes. I’m going to try doing one new-to-me hike every week until January.... Thank God I’ve got a hiker friend who is always full of suggestions, and open to climb up any angled surface. I think we’re doing Annette or Snow lake next.

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