Today on my drive to work I found myself behind this van for a business that sells defibrillators, and does CPR training. The slogan: “Our Business is Shocking.” I nearly died laughing at that, but at least if I did, there would be a defibrillator nearby.

I also so my first Regal Sportback out in the wild. I’m sure if I still lived in Wisconsin, land of many Buicks, I would’ve seen one long ago. But here in DC, Buick still has a long way to go.

I’ve seen a lot more Kia Stingers running around here than Regal Sportbacks. Not a ton of Stingers mind you, but they’re out and about. This particular Sportback had Tennessee plates so it was either just passing through town, or a rental.

Technically this picture is from yesterday, but it’s a survivor E39 525i wagon in a nice shade of metallic green, with BMW Style 29 deep dish mesh wheels.


It had a “Keep Portland Weird” sticker on the passenger side cargo area window, but this style of Maryland license plate was phased out in the year 2000, which means they’ve had this or some other car registered in Maryland since some time in the 90s.

And last but not necessarily least, when I arrived at work, I saw this Chrysler 300 in a shade of blue very similar to my own car. It caught my eye thanks to the angry sporty front bumper with lower lip spoiler built in, and its lack of front plate, as the automotive deities intended.


Last one: a Stone Cold Steve Austin fan expressing their love in vanity plate form.