Welcome. This is a car oriented sub-blog of Jalopnik. It is a place where common people can come to hear and be heard. Yet generally about 1/3 of the posts are not car related. That's nothing new. There's music, current events, attractive women, good morning/night posts, alcoholic beverages, random memes/humor, pop culture etc. or just flat out poorly written articles and rehash stories mixed in during the day.

And as for the entirety of that other 2/3 that is car related... it can't possibly interest everyone anyway. Cause I for sure don't have interest in every article on here.


So why does it really ruffle your feathers when you get a string of off topic (one liners! [TWO WORDS!]) all in one place? Does it take you more than 2 seconds to realize that two word title (and nothing more) post is not car related? Is your scroll wheel broken? Do you honestly find no humor in puns? Do you really have something more important than reading amateur car blog posts to do that the extra minute it takes to scroll down really matters?

Pro tip: Scroll down or hit that "PgDn" button until you see a big block of text under the title and next to the image. The big block of text is generally pretty easy to spot. It might be something you will maybe might perhaps read or just be a legit article you would have passed up anyway. Now that you know what to look for, is the image car related? If yes, read the title. Is the title car related? If yes, read the intro block of text and click on the article for the rest. Congratulations! You now know how to scan Oppo for interesting articles!

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