This is Peugeot's new 3008. Can I say "YOWZA" ?

Peugeot just unveiled the brand-new version of their successful 3008 crossover, and it looks nothing like its predecessor. Which is a huge relief, because said predecessor looked like a bloated egg. This new one, however, doesn’t stop at simply bringing the exterior design up to snuff. Oh no.

I think it’s the boldest-looking production car to come out of Sochaux in a long, long time, and one of the first in years to truly deliver on the promise of all those crazy concept cars. But much more importantly, would you just look at that interior! This is the newest evolution of Peugeot’s i-Cockpit design, which essentially means putting the instruments above a tiny steering wheel, and it looks fantastic. Speaking of the instruments, there actually aren’t any to speak of. The 3008 will get an Audi TT-style screen instead, but at all levels of the range to boot. The overall design is just delightful, with those toggle switches underneath the central touchscreen and cool shifter. All I can say is I wish the RCZ had had a successor so it could have received this interior.


The exterior, while bold, is not as pretty as the inside, but boy is this car confident, and I love it. Just watch the product video at the end of the article: Peugeot hasn’t had a mainstream car worthy of such chest-thumping in an age, but I think they’ve earned it now. There are good things to expect out of Peugeot.


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