I just got diverted to Doug’s youtube video of the new 760i, because youtube suggested it and I was weak and clicked (I was actually doing work on youtube, honest). Anyway, this thing has the most interesting feature...

A key that you can use to not only remote start the car, but also remotely move out of its parking spot. Garbage feature you say? Perhaps. Expensive gimmick? Sure. But this could make a real difference in my life. See, I have to park in handicap spaces, not because they’re the closest ones on the lot, but because they give me space to get my chair out of the car. And, if some jerk boxes me in, or if there aren’t any handicap spaces available, I could user this thing to let me park anywhere and just remote the car in and out of a space for access. Fabulous!

This might actually be worth retrofitting if anyone could make an after market system that would do it.

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