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this is probably sold, but if not, GO GET IT!!

Surfing around Craig's List, window shopping for cars I can't afford to start projects I don't have space in the garage (or my life, finances, or marriage, for that matter) for, and run across a hell of a deal on a 1970 Dodge Dart Swinger in Mid MO:

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Yeah, it's a bit rough, but they're only asking $2,000 for it, and it sounds like it actually runs or is close to running, and comes with a lot of the parts you're going to be buying anyway (cat not included though, sorry). Plus, it's the older generation with the flatter nose, instead of the pointier one they went to in the next gen. Trust me, as someone who looks at a lot of old Detroit rolling stock for sale, this is a hell of a deal for the area. When most people will sell "rollers" - frames, maybe bodies, but usually missing front clip, and never a motor or a trans - for this price or higher, a mostly running vehicle like this is a hell of a catch.


What would I do with it? Sorry MOPAR fans, the slant 6 and original slushbox would be gone, and in their place I'd put an LS1 and T56 6 speed in. I know, not original, and yeah, that seems to be everyone's answer for everything, but you have to admit that GM's aluminum mill is small, light, and powerful enough to fit in anything and give you as much or as little power as you want. Plus, they're plentiful enough you can easily buy a new crate motor, or if you don't want to spend quite that much, get one out of a cracked up '98 or later Camaro SS for fairly cheap. After that, modern brakes and Hotchkiss suspension, independent rear, modern AC and cruise control, and daily drive it, plus autocross and track days.

And yes, this ad posted a month or so ago, so I'm not 100% sure it's still up for sale. At that price, I would be honestly surprised if it hasn't already been sold and the seller "forgot" to pull the ad. But if it isn't, I'm going to be disappointed in you if you don't pick it up.

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