This is Probably The Most Badass Engine You Never Heard.

Remember the Amati?
You know, the canned luxury marque from Mazda. Which is a shame, because despite the rather bland styling, they houses the most badass engine in the world. And what you see today is some piece of old bestcar japanese magazine, explaining about Mazda's 3981cc W12. Yep.

You might say "VW Also has W12!"
But Mazda's W12 is more badass. You see, the article calls it a "Triple-Four Compact 12 Cylinder," and if you look closely at the pics you'll see the angle of the three cylinder banks. So it's made out of 3 banks of inline-4. And then to makes things even more awesome, mazda made the piston and valve using ceramics, the block is from Alumunium, and the cylinder heads plus oil pan from Magnesium.

Performance aside, the engine power is written as 280hp, thanks to gentelman's agreement at that time. But the real power figures are, nobody knows.

And for the car itself, the Amati 1000, looks like this. Notice the magazine akwardly refers the car having a V12 engine:


And here's the translated engine sketch:

Some say the engine ends up in Audi Avus Concept, since it has the similar engine design. But still, it's designed by mazda. And this is another example that Mazda once was a company that has a massive sized balls. I love them.

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