Last night I decided to trade the CF Moto for a GSX1100G. Despite how questionable that may sound, that wasn’t the dumbest thing I’ve done. No, that goes to this:

Yep, I did it during a snowstorm. If that wasn’t sketchy enough, I followed Google’s route to the seller, which took me through some gnarly backroads.

I can’t even begin to describe how the drive was. I was terrified and impressed in equal measure. The car never slid, the trailer didn’t sway, and stopping wasn’t all that different on snow than without the trailer (drag??).


A few hairy moments include a steep uphill grade made of ice and a road that went from perfectly clear to absolutely destroyed without warning.

Thankfully my reading of the forecast was correct and once I got about halfway there the snow mostly cleared up.


The bike is a 1992 Suzuki GSX1100G. This is basically the standard version of the GSX-R1100. Yeah, I just keep getting bigger and faster bikes...

And somehow I got it off the trailer by myself in the ice. I used spare carpeting for traction. It worked hilariously well.


As luck would have it, the seller lost the title and the front brake was frozen. So instead of the trade I gave him $50. This now means I’m +1 on my ideal bike count...but but, it’s going to be so fun!



The route home was much better as I took the interstate. Local routes were even worse than when I left home, however with mostly straight roads this was a much easier drive than the backroads from earlier.

Lessons learned:

- Tucker is a feckin beast.

- Don’t buy bikes in a snowstorm.

- And if you do, keep to main roads and highways.

Now I move the CF Moto to storage.


I am for sure selling off the Ruckus. Anyone interested? I’ll basically let it go for a couple hundred to any Oppo.