This is REALLY tempting...

Even if I have nowhere to put it...or the money to afford it. The price is just really reasonable and it looks in decent shape!


As for the transmission, I can’t think that the reverse gear would’ve lunched itself, that’s just not all that common as people don’t use reverse a lot....unless they’d shifted into reverse while moving forward.

I emailed the guy and he says quote: “won’t go into gear” - so that does sound more like a linkage issue to me as he mentions in the ad. It doesn’t look in that bad a shape, and 91,000kms isn’t all that much - my Accent has more than that! They’re basic and sturdy little much want!

Also, this is a 4x4 model....the 4x4 models are usually a premium over 2WD Kei trucks, so if everything else checked out and the transmission issue was just a minor linkage issue, this would be the steal of the century possibly at only $1500 CAD!

Any Eastern Canadian or Northeastern American Oppos looking for a fun project? :)

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