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This is shit. Welcome to Kinja case study.

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With latest changes to our beloved child, we face some serious problems around here.


Kinja is a long-time troublemaker, but this is just bad. It was bad before but its worse now. Much worse. We want bad back again.
On 18th October this pile of utter crap that was allegedly made by Ray Charles and his friend Stevie Wonder, arrived to Oppo. And it's painful to watch.

Here is the main problem. Oppo is sort of an user generated blog, forum actually. It's content(text) should go around the media(images/videos). NOT the other way around.
This kind of layout is not made for this type of page. Never, ever will it work.


Let's take this for an example, Sparf shares some nice Z31 goodies, or that dude with awesome NSFW posts makes a sweet ladies dump, they add the images and write some one-liner just so it's not text-empty.
What we get? A small thumb image that uses 90's styling, one sentence and thats it.
What we should be getting? Wide preview/cover image, to make that user contributed content stand out.

If we compare that to Jalopnik, which is a blog. You know that kind of stuff that has editors and writers BUT SOMETIMES they share SOME user contribution. Thats where current Kinja design sort-of-works.
Why? Because we want to read those articles and we want to have a discussion about them. That's where textual content should stand out. That's the place where user wants to read your content and not just watch your media and comment it.


Moving on to design and layout itself.

Illustration for article titled This is shit. Welcome to Kinja case study.

It Ray and Stevie made this, okay i get it. But actual designer/web developer made this. And that's....sad.

First, header. You made nice little icons there and you failed. Plus that "follow/unfollow" icon makes no sense at all. And then the most important button, "Compose" you put aaaaaaaaaaaaaall the way on the other side. Just far enough for any user to not see it or forget where it is.


Sidebar. Who the hell decided to have that? Okay, "Top Stories" are sweet. But it ruins the main section where content goes. It completely throws the focus off from the actual content.
Again, on a blog like Jalopnik or any other Gawker main site that's okay. Here, not so much.

Various issues.
This is where it hurts the most. You completely fucked up the code. I don't even know what in the name of god where you doing to make something plain and simple as Foundation framework this complicated and shitty.
Wrong margins, padding's, ugly border, wrong type settings, well everything we see is coded badly so far.
Sidebar container is too wide, covers the main container where content goes. Which causes problems where it comes to headline text in bigger articles.


Mobile. Okay this was either luck or someone with eyes made it. Kinja actually works on mobile and anything that's not wider than 600px. No problems there.

So, to tl;dr this.
We need old format/layout back(pre 18th Oct.) on sub-blogs/sites like Oppo because its purely user contributed. And this kind of layout misses the point.

Gawker people, read this and make some good use out of it. Me and a lot of other people don't use Oppo or Kinja at all since you did this. It doesn't work. And your genius plan to earn money from comments is falling apart.


I will repost this until we get some input on this.
If such thing never happens, we should all go USA blackout style on Oppo and not post for a day or so.

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