Or at least most of it. Nevertheless, I safely traversed the wasteland to arrive safely in Houston. This is my first road trip in the K900. Summary to follow.

This car is smooooth and quiet. Not sensory deprivation chamber quiet, but quiet enough that I could really enjoy that Haydn cello concerto. Also, the sound system is great. Good bass without sounding muddy or losing the midrange. Texas has these stretches of highway with a ripple in them that sets up some kind of sympathetic vibration in the car, kinda like in Jodie Foster’s bubble in Contact. Still, car did a good job of making it comfortable.

The adaptive cruise control was flawless. We hit construction and it slowed from 75 to 5 all in its own, all while maintaining an appropriate distance from the car ahead, depending on the speed. It kept creeping along in line on its own until I took over. Funny thing though, it doesn’t modulate it’s own brakes get well. Braking is kind of abrupt.

Rain sensing wipers did the job well. They are kind of aggressive and speed up or slow down based on some algorithm I can’t figure out. Still, I didn’t have to keep fiddling with the wiper timing the whole trip, and that is gold.


With a stop for gas, one for cash, and one at the Wendy’s drive thru, and a jam 20 out for an accident, I made it in about 4:15, leaving Dallas at about 3:45. As I was entering the hotel, there was my colleague talking to the shuttle driver. She had taken a 6:30 flight to get there at the same time. Not much time saved by flying.

HER: but you had to drive.

ME: but I got to drive.

I win.