So i’m always looking for side work (if any needs drawings for a garage hit me up) and I came across something on Craigslist. They only wanted someone who can create the existing conditions of a house in a specific program. well conveniently I can do that and emailed to say so. He had me call him and after a short talk invited me to his office.

Can you believe I went to a craigslist office and was not gutted like a fish?!? its amazing! The first thing I noticed in his office was a poster of that car. I began talking about my abilities and shortly he called in another guy from the office and the discussion moved to the conference room. As I was talking I mentioned how we could all dream for a ZR1 and the guy was hooked. He was thrilled to see I was a car guy. He started showing me youtube videos of him thrashing his Z07 around Thompson speedway. “o and this was my fastest lap after I put the slicks on.” I had pretty much lost it at that point. He them asked if I would ever consider working there. There’s no job right now but we could revisit this in the near future. The work won;t be what i’m doing now (design and drafting) but more project management. I would get to meet with clients and I get commission on each job I obtain. I would then run the job which would be repairing homes after major damage like flood, fire etc.... He said the base pay is more than I make now, and some o the top guys hit twice that. Considering that I was there because I work hard, that I would probably make an amount that would be pretty damn awesome.



and possibly in the future: