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This is the e-mail I sent to the bosses at work. With above photo attached.


Recently, an email went out explaining that non-plugin vehicles were not to use the two spaces by the charging station. Therefore, my guys and I do not park there, despite the availability of these spots when we come in. Yet the owner of this crapwagon six-cylinder wannabe musclecar parks there every day. If we can park there, we will because of the huge premium on shade around here, but I just want to make sure… I know that both Ivan in the wireroom and Parker from upstairs both drive plugins, and usually only one of them can park in these spots due to rule-breaking, lawless violators like this guy… What’s the word from the Wesco Parking Enforcement and Orthopedic Footwear Council? I personally believe that those who spend actual US Dollars on six-cylinder “musclecars” should probably be reported to Homeland Security as potential Communist infiltrators, but that is probably best left to The Council…


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