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good afternoon friends of oppositelock and beyond, today, Raphmoe; me your humble journalist correspondence has found a clean example of a Pontiac Fiero on craigslist for the crisp and cool price of $1,600. Nice price for days and days and nights and more days.


84 Fiero 2M4. 4cyl 4spd. Black exterior over tan interior. Black paint is decent I consider it a 20 footer. Interior is clean with normal wear for the year. Needs a headliner board, I have the material. Has removable sun roof.

Recent tune with new plugs and wires. New pads, rotors, master cylinder, front brake lines, and control valve. New battery and belts.

Car starts runs and drives great. Perfect winter project for restore or drive as is.

Asking $1650 firm! No Junkers or scammers. No email offers.

Nice ad, seems to be a legit post and the pictures look great. For those of you who do not know the Pontiac Fiero was the first great Pontiac mid engined rear wheel drive proper car. Conceived during the annual general motors christmas party in Aruba in the 36th hour of a quaaludes and cocaine bender the engineers of the time said "let's design a car that will ignite on fire because of how jalop it is"; and burn it, they did. The weed. not the car. Anyway, the fun thing about the fiero is that it was underpowered so you could live your mantra of driving a slow car fast; which, some people did. Anyway, the interior is by far and away the most amazing part of the car because of how 80's it was. Seriously, look at this:

Illustration for article titled This is the Fiero on Craigslist You Should Buy

The interior of a Fiero looks like an interior designed on an Atari; it's so 80's and wacky and quirky that i love it! Look at that wheel and the delicious brown knob in the center; perfect.

With a Getrag 5 speed, a fun revving engine, and a two door with looks for days the Fiero is a great first car for new jalops, and a great winter beater for jalops that are living the dream. Nice price?

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