And it is madness!

I saw this movie 4 years ago. It was soooooo awesome! Now it's on YouTube, for all to see. Now I know what you are thinking, "this is stupid, and I don't want to waste my time on it." You are right, it is stupid! BUT! You should get a couple of friends and watch it! I don't drink beer, but this seems like a good movie to have a beer with. Just to encourage you, here is a list of awesome things in this movie.

  • The wors-I mean best gore you will ever see!
  • Limbs = blood fountains
  • Cute leading lady
  • Great morals like, revenge is good
  • Blood Shampoo
  • The greatest father son relationship ever
  • Director used to direct porn. No, it does not link to porn.

And that is just the spoiler free stuff. I am telling you, if you like B-movies, this is amazing! Usually I recommend subtitles, but the dub makes it so much funnier!