So, I drove a 2016 SRX 3.6 yesterday.... No improvement.

If you know me, you know I love old Cadillac and am highly critical of new Cadillac. And this car is why that criticism comes with damn good reasoning. It isn’t a Cadillac.

The ride is bouncy, but not in a wafty boat kind of way, but in a stiff pickup truck kind of way. The steering is too light and has too much play at speed, and is liquid concrete boosted in the parking lot....seriously, I hurt my shoulder throwing this thing into a parking space.


The interior isn’t really a nice place to be either. The gear shift is solid enough to look at, but the switch on the back feels plasticy and hollow. And the movement isn’t thick and chunky like a Mercedes, it feels thin and it clicks and snaps as it moves between positions. If that’s how it is, it’s poor design. If that’s been done in just 10,000 miles of use by people who can afford to rent a Cadillac, that’s poor build quality. I’m going with the former because the stuff in there isnt really put together right. It doesn’t fall off, I’m just saying that seams don’t match up. The curvature of the outboard air vents doesn’t match up with the door for example, and that leaves a pretty big oddly sized gap.

And you can’t see more than half of the stuff on the CUE screen if you’re wearing sunglasses, the other half just gets that purpley blurry look that certain coatings get when you look through UV filtering glass. And that’s never been an issue in a Lincoln or a Chrysler product. So it’s not my sunglasses.


The low trim gauges look cheap and flimsy, and operating the lower screen is more complicated than it needs to be. And the cruse control controls are counter intuitive. You’d think they were touch capacitive like everything on the center stack, but they arent. Those switches move side to side as marked, and then up and down.


And the engine was probably the worst part. It just fights you. The pedal needs a lot less effort, but once you manage to get it to 50 or even 75%, the engine doesn’t want to rev. It will peg at 3000 RPM and schlep the car up to speed with an unpleasant noise. There’s no torque to use. That 3.6 is a dog. The Impala Limiteds, that’s the old body style they still produce for the rental car companies, more freely give their power than this “Cadillac” does.

Moral of the story, buy an ML. Or a GLE. Whatever Mercedes is calling it now. Or a Buick Enclave, had one of those yesterday too. Very very niiiiiizzzze.