Illustration for article titled This is the only correct way to write an ad for your broken Jeep

Some people just have a way with words.

Are you stuck in life’s rut? Are you bored with the same ole paved paths? Do you have an urge to reach down and slam the selector into 4 wheel low?? Well here’s your sign! This rugged 90 something Jeep Cherokee is needing someone like you. Someone to bring her 318 5.2 Magnum engine back to life. Someone to throw a generic cheap eBay lift kit on with some fat tires you had laying behind the shed. Someone to crack open a Natty light, fire up a Pall Mall red, throw some crappy pop country on the aftermarket cd player and bog the living sh** outta this old girl. She needs a home... She needs YOU! 400 bucks bad engine good trans and running gear. Full time 4wd. I think it’s less than 200k but you’ll need a battery to find out because I used hers on some other crap I have. GOOD ALABAMA TITLE 20572052one0 text only


And the link to the ad if anyone wants to make a bad decision.

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