This Is The Opposite Of Good News...

I would even go so far as to call this ‘doog’ news:

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Unsurprisingly, engineers have found “extensive damage” to the “T” tracks near the Station Square station as a result of three Norfolk Southern cars, each loaded with two freight containers stuffed with cat & dog food, mouthwash, diapers and other consumer goods, derailing from railroad tracks above the authority’s tracks.

The flyover and Panhandle Bridge are still being checked for structural damage, but so far the authority estimates it will need to replace 1,600 feet of track and about 4,000 feet of electrical cable. PAT further estimates it will have an estimate on Monday for how long reconstruction will last. As it stands, three miles of the Blue Line through the South Hills of Pittsburgh are still out of commission from heavy floods early in July, and this effort may be further delayed by workers being transferred to Station Square. NorSo is continuing to assist with the clean-up and rebuilding, though how much work will be done by their people versus Port Authority is still being determined.

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