This is the RWD version of my car, two years older, nearly the same mileage. My car would look more like this if I detailed the crap out of it, but I don’t have time, and I’m also not trying to sell mine.

While I hope to see a nice, strong value for this car (selfishly), I have to wonder, outside of BaT, who is buying a 2001 BMW with not just one, not two, but THREE reported accidents in its history. The two previous owners, who both love the car and vouch for it in the comments, only put 10,000 miles and almost 7,000 miles on it, respectively. I don’t care how great it is, I wouldn’t trade my car for it, nor would I pay $3k for it. And I don’t think my car is worth more than $3,500 where the bidding currently sits, but hey. Maybe I’m wrong, and manual wagon values are going up! By the way, that roof rack isn’t included. But it can be negotiated, maybe. Then don’t show it in the pictures! (sorry, pet peeve of mine)


Seriously, though, of the two most important things for an old BMW - maintenance history and accident history - this car is lacking in at least one. Oh yeah and the airbag light is on “but it’s an easy fix,” the temp gauge bulb “just needs replacement,” there is a cracked diff bushing, and “the car is said to occasionally exhibit an intermittent idle.”

Sounds pretty turn-key!

All that said, these cars are pretty easy to work on, and really quite reliable. It’s just... too many red flags for me on this one. It kinda feels like the current owner bought it (7 months ago!), found that it constantly needed one little thing or another - even if nothing major - and figured, “hey I know where I can cash out! Bring a Trailer is FULL of people drooling over manual wagons!”

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