Because I was re-reading this post I made in reply to Torch’s accusation that the TIE Fighter sucks (just click on the link for context) and it suddenly dawned on me that everything I said about what makes Star Wars great is exactly what makes Fury Road great. Namely in how much of what we see and what’s being absorbed through our eyes tells the story as much as the actual dialogue (which quite frankly is really, really shitty - but again, that was true of Star Wars and if it wasn’t important in Star Wars to the point where it gets a free pass, then Fury Road can damn well get a free pass too). The FP churned out endless articles about the cars of Fury Road so I’d say just go back and read those if you still don’t get what I’m getting at because whoever wrote them - Ballaban, Torch, Raph, Steph, I imagine probably everyone’s written at least one article about Fury Road - clearly got what was going on with how the smallest visual and action details actually told what was going on.

Also despite what I just said I’d have to give Fury Road a leg up on Star Wars because at least its stupid dialogue was also trying to get at being a very part of the symbolism of the movie, not just a reflection of George Lucas’ ABC Family/Freeform-like inability to actually understand what human dialogue is.