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This is way too nice for me

So a quick update:

Saabaru is dead. Headgaskets. Probably started almost a year ago and now it’s just too bad. So selling it for cheap.


MR2 was sold last night. That hurt. New owner flew in from CO, and drove it back. Ballsy, props. Haven’t heard anything so either firey death or it made it.

Taurus may be sold, maybe. I hope.

New ride? Yeah, 2014 Mazda6 Grand Touring. Soul red, every option either factory or dealer installed. Did the CarMax thing, 5 year/125k mile warranty. First car that wasn’t a decade old or more, first car with a warranty, all that.

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Holy balls, this thing is super nice. The MR2 had heated leather and Bluetooth, but that’s nothing compared to blind spot monitoring and radar assisted cruise control.


The bad is it is still used with 42k miles, tons of rock chips on the hood, and no undercoating plus the exhaust is already rusted.

Damn this thing is cool.

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