....when you take a picture of it from a the passenger seat of an F250 as you're leaving a racetrack after a motorcycle track day. Jalopnik's own Jason Torchinsky recently reviewed the new F-Type at this very racetrack recently. The actual event is on Tuesday and they're flying in journo's from around the world to thrash the new XFR-S (and other four doors) around the course.


The track is the Ridge Motorsports Park and it's badass. The track is highly technical and features a crazy 90 foot mini corkscrew that feels a bit like jumping off a cliff when you tear down it at 60mph on a supersport. They laid down fresh asphalt and tack oil at the bottom of the corkscrew for this event so you could pretty much drag a helmet coming out of it - I can imagine it's going to just rip spleens and tires apart on the big jags. Fun.

Bonus: when the journalists drop into the corkscrew on Tuesday, they'll be able to see visually what not to do thanks to the line of red paint my friends bike left as it flew off the track at the end of the day.

The track is sort of in the middle of nowhere and brand new so it's very interesting that this little spot in the pacific northwest became home to this event. That building you see is not even a track building. The racetrack was only completed last year and they're still in the process of adding real facilities (like running water.) Jaguar put up that shiny temporary building just for their press events and it will be torn down when they are done. Plush.

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