So, they have a four-door car on a RWD platform, available with a stick and a V8, and they're not marketing it well. They need to make these changes to it.

DROP THE NAME SS! SS is a trim level, not a model. Modify the platform so it can be a two-door, and I'm quite sure it's possible. I'm not up on Holden Australia, but I'm reasonably sure they have two-door cars on the same platform. If they don't, then they should still be able to come up with something.

Then, finally, change the name to Monte Carlo. It would be perfect. A storied nameplate, not used in years now, comes with a V8, a stick, and RWD. And you can make a Monte Carlo SS. Then, market the freakin' thing!

I mean, seriously GM/Chevrolet, can you imagine how much more popular it would be as a coupe with the Monte Carlo name? I don't mean that junk from the 2000s, this would be a real Monte Carlo with all the necessary components to make it what it used to be. That would be the best.