TLDR version: I fell victim to an aging German machine and needed basic transportation to get to work.. Mechanics friends and family said it was time to send it off. It did not make me happy

Here is what still had to be dealt with:

The largest

issue was the compressor died putting the car on the bump stops. This was most likely caused by overworking the compressor due to a leaking air bag. The struts were all aged and due for replacement. Total cost would be about $2400 for parts. The clutch was aging and would slip under hard acceleration. The cam seals leaked and I think there was an issue with the other leak I dealt with last week.. There were a number of cosmetic issues including beat up paint, broken interior trim parts, and a broken CD player. Simply, there was so much to be done that I would essentially be rebuilding the entire car. The Allroad is a great car but this was not a great example.

MY purchase, a 2012 Focus SEL with a transmission that has a questionable design. The trans was serviced about 10k miles ago and Ford has acknowledge the issues and extended the warranty to 100000. My car has 40000 so I theoretically have 6 years of driving before I have to really worry about it. Its a nice appliance. Heated seats, sunroof, new Continental rubbers, 4 wheel discs. Its not Jalop but its not that bad either.

with a 3rd kid coming (we thought today) my wife needs to be able to drive both vehicles and will not drive a manual. I needed something that will be reliable and not have a lot of down time. I will have a fun car again, but I need to sort out some other financial things first. All the down time was becoming an issue and an embarrassment at work. I was becoming worried just about getting places, to work and job sites.

this thing is to get me to work and back and thats about it.