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This is what happens in my spare time

you know you are REALLY bored when you start writing poems for shits and giggles.

who says bikers arent romantic?

^the little run-around that insipired this late night peom (also, might have posted it before. but what the hell)

A man and his bike:

A simple little SV

its the world to me
to you its just a shitty ride
to me, its my honor and pride

as I coax her to start
I can feel her beating heart.
with the clutch pulled in and a gear selected
i no longer felt so unconnected.

first gear went by. second and third too.
she slowly warmed up, as the sky turned blue

when we got to the mountain
we stopped at a fountain
and prayed to gods
we make it back with our odds

we rode up in the cold
and lo and behold!
This be a perfect road,
not yet patrolled

so we went back to the bottom
stirring the colored leaves of autumn
And as I took a deep breath
i whispered: come catch me death

With a howl and a scream
her headlights a-gleam
we ripped up the path
going not slowly, but fast

as we leaned into the turns
i had no concerns
as i knew if i treated her well
she would stop me from going to hell

as we came out of the turn, i gave her some gas
and let me tell you my friend, she definitely hauled ass

from fourth to fifth
i knew what i was dealing with

And as the revs climbed, we hit a hundred and thirty
even though the road was quite curvy.

hard on the brakes,
i was never too late.
as I changed a gear,
I was smiling from ear to ear

it became clear to death that he did not have a chance.
or a hope or a dream, to stop our romance.
for my and my bike
we were too much alike

we both loved to go fast
and not worry about the past
as once we were on a ride
our fears, can do nothing but hide.

at the end of the day,
we stop at a cafe
her screen is splattered with bugs
and i feel as if i'm with-drawing from drugs

as we make our way home
the sun teasingly glitters of her chrome
enough i say,
for tomorrow is another day

as i give her a wash and a wax.
i realize, this is how i relax.

but i hear you ask, what did the ride do?
sadly, this is not something that I can explain to you

to experience it you must try
and only then, will we see eye to eye


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