I want to talk about electric car design, specifically, the Tesla Model S and Fisker Karma. Have you noticed anything different about Electric cars and how they look? Whether we're talking about the $30,000 Nissan Leaf or the $100,000 Fisker Karma, they all have very...unique design. For example the Karma uses all "green" materials on the interior. What was wrong with normal luxury interiors? I know you want to appeal to buyers who like to be eco friendly (hence the electric car) but just because it is powered by something "futuristic" doesn't mean you have to make the entire car that way. There is really no other car that has a cross shaped steering wheel and a grille that looks like Totoro.

The same goes for the Tesla Model S with that tablet screen TV thing. Was a screen of that size really necessary? I find it understandable that the Model S puts all the controls on the screen, therefore in theory needing it to be larger. (Heard of buttons?) However look at the iPhone: it does everything that an iPad does, in a smaller size. I'm not saying make the screen the size of an iPhone but don't make it big enough that it can be seen from space. If you are going to make a screen that big why not at least give it a center console too? With that you would have something that looks somewhat like a normal car. You can't say it was something you just didn't think through because the concept car had it. Why delete that?

While we're on the subject of Tesla let's talk about the exterior. Like the Fisker it has that weird grille only this time it has a mustache. Could you have at lease taken a bit of time to design it and not stick a big black cover over what was the grille? Also, the door handles. The idea is you unlock the car and the door handles come out, then you pull on the sensor on the back and the door opens. The problem I have, and if you have a Tesla you may prove me wrong here, (I've only used it once) but that must get annoying not only because it might be slow, but when I used it the sensor didn't respond every time.


(all photos: MotorTrend)

So to sum up this short rant I want to ask why do Electric cars (I know I haven't mentioned the Leaf/Volt) have to be different in every way to gas powered cars? Can't we get an electric car that fits in with the rest? When the day that electric cars look normal, have normal looking/functioning interiors I would want one, but for now, we need to progress.