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This is why I hate car dealerships.

Update: The refund is finally being processed by my CC company.  I’ll still likely never deal with this stealership again.

Dec. 8th:

After neogtiations, I place a deposit on a Acura MDX that is expected to arrive on Dec. 14th. I tell Mr. Salesperson that I am putting my Audi allroad up for sale and that I won’t be able to make the transaction until the allroad has sold...but that I’m trying to get it gone before I leave for vacation on Dec. 21st.


Dec. 17th:

Mr Salesperson calls and tells me the MDX has arrived. I tell him I still haven’t been able to get the allroad sold, and that I probably won’t be able to get it done until after I get back from vacation (Dec. 28th), and I ask him if he’s sure that he’s ok with that...that if he isn’t. I understand and he can refund my deposit.


His exact words: “It is what it is. As far as we’re concerned, the car is yours and we want you to have it.” I say okay, I’ll get back to you when I have an update on selling my allroad.

He also tells me they won’t accept a downpayment with a credit card, something I’ve done with every new car transaction to date (because I love points).

Dec. 19th:

Mr Salesperson makes an about face. He texts me, saying that they can typically only hold cars for 48 hours, but can stretch to 72 if I tell him I’ll come in on saturday (when he knows I’m going on vacation on friday).


He also tried to convince me to just come in, finance the entire amount for the MDX and refi after I sell the allroad.

I tell him I’m not doing that, remind him that I won’t be back for a week, and ask him to refund my deposit.


Mr Salesperson does not return my text, and does not refund my deposit.

Dec. 31st:

After attempting to call Mr Salesperson to know what is the situation with the vehicle, lack of contact or my deposit, I get a hold of Ms Sales Manager.


She says the car was sold, and that she will get my deposit refunded and that I will see it posted the same day.

She also refutes Mr Salesman’s claim that a credit card downpayment would not be accepted.


Jan. 2nd:

A refund of my deposit has yet to post. I call the dalership. Ms Sales Manager is not in on wednesday. I am forwarded to Mr Sales Manager. He isn’t there, I leave a voice message. My call is not returned.


Jan. 3rd:

I call the dealership again. Ms Sales Manager is conveniently not in on wednesdays or thursdays, and the GM wasn’t there either.


This time I manage to speak directly to Mr Sales Manager, who says he processed the refund on monday. He doesn’t know why I don’t see it post, and that maybe it just will take some time (which is nonsense, I see credit transactions within minutes...much less three days afterwards!) He will contact his finance department and get back to me.

So that’s where I’m at. I’m trying to be civil about this, but my nice face is getting worn down. Any more of this, I’ll contact my credit card company directly and possibly the BBB.

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