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This is why OTA updates in a car is terrifying

When my Mac updates, which is about a thousand times a day, things get worse. Things get “more user friendly”, but generally things that you’re used to change and stop working. Like when the Display Preferences tab stopped showing actual resolution in favour of a weird “user friendly” UI, unless you hold down a magic key while you right click it.

When Tom Clancy’s Breakpoint updates, it means I want to play it but I can’t. I can’t play offline, I can’t do anything. All I can do is wait. Sometimes it happens while I’m playing it.


These OTA updates were meant to be a good thing. New features and bug fixes over the internet, no CD required! But over and over again these put us at the mercy of the company that made the product we purchased, and do as much harm as good.

My MR2 doesn’t update. When I want to drive it, I can. It works the well it always has, unless I change it, which I’ve got all the power to do, and it works until I’m done using it. It doesn’t gain features through updates, but it also doesn’t lose them.


It’s my car and it was built to serve me. Not the other way around.

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