This Is Why People Buy from Luxury Brands

“Hors d’oeuvres, beer and wine will be served.” Noice! I’ll have to Febreeze my finest tuxedo shirt. Can’t wait to set my tiny drink down on the hood of a brand new F-Pace. They’ll tell me to remove my drink and I’ll respond, with all the indignation of a middle-class millenial, “Oh excuse me, I didn’t realize this gazebo was a Jag-ewe-arr. *step back, place hand on chin* I guess I can see a passing resemblance in the facade and furnishing of this unit...*yawn and large stretch* Well congratulations on your veranda, I must be going. Pip pip, Cheerio and Kelloggs and what have you not!”

I wonder if I can find a pair of Crocs and some dark wash jeggings...


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