I'm almost sure someone already brought this up. The new Kinja sorts comments much like the older ones, except it only shows a select number of comment threads and the others are consigned to the crapshoot list with unreadable organization. Now, the problem with the new version is that it does not truncate all the replies that featured threads get. Take a look at the post about the new Volvo concept. The second thread has ballooned up into nothing but thinly veiled insults commenters are lobbing at each other. If it were like the older one, we'd just read the three first comments, then move on, or we'd have the option of joining in after seeing an indicator that tells you that there are gazillions of followup comments on it. But in the new one? Nope. We have to scroll past worthless comments that we don't want to read. What a waste of space. It's like Disqus. I prefer the Kinja we had, buggy or not.

*There also seems to be two separate threads in response to the original poster in that second thread? How does that work?!??